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Karunya Plus Lottery Result Today
Lottery is one of the quick means for earning money. A pretty much luck shot which gives you the probability of earning big time. It’s also a good means of money earning opportunity and a ray of hope for the mass across. Normally lottery is termed illegal and don’t run as widely as needed in India.

Next Karunya Plus Lottery Results 

However, some states run organized state governed lottery in India. It also helps the government to facilitate their economy without hurting the pockets of public. And also gives a legal way of running lottery. To provide employment opportunities to people by selling and buying lotteries and also supports government finance, Kerala government began the Kerala state Lotteries. Kerala is the inspiration to other states who followed the same path later on.

What is Karunya plus Lottery?

Karunya Plus lottery is issued by Kerala government. It is one of the weekly lottery conducted by Kerala lottery department now and is issued on Thursday.  Kerala government conductstotal 7 weekly lotteries and 6 bumper lottery.
The Kerala government is the first state to launch such lotteries and inspired other states who later started issuing lottery thorough legal manner under the scheme of government. Since 1967 Kerala first started issuing lotteries. Karunya Plus lottery has already seen 237 weeks. The result of this lottery is announced every Thursday at 3 pm at Shree ChithiraHome Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram.

How to buy Karunya Plus Lottery

The face value of Karunya Plus lottery is only 50 INReach. It is provided from lottery shop and the customer can also buy it online as the government also supports digital marketing via lottery selling online vendors. You can either buy it from lottery shop or book it and receiveat home without any discomfort. You can buy lottery tickets as much as you want whether you belongor not to the Kerala state. And that’s the best part of it.

Prize structure of KarunyaPlus Lottery

Kerala government set several types of prize which depends on the position secured. Karunya Plus provides first prize of Rs 80,00,000 INR. Firstly,after the announcement of the lottery results, you need to surrender the lottery ticket and details to the gazette within 30 days of the result. Kerala state gazette then verifies the lottery number and will grant the winner with the prize money. This is the list of prize structure for the lottery-
a)      1st prize- Rs 80,00,000
b)      2nd prize- Rs 10,00,000
c)       3rd prize- Rs 1,00,000
d)      Consolation prize- Rs 8,000
e)      4th prize- Rs 5,000
f)       5th prize- Rs 2,000
g)      6th prize- Rs 1,000
h)      7th prize- Rs 500
i)        8th prize- Rs 100

No. of Winners of Karunya Plus Lottery

Karunya plus is a weekly lottery which have 90 lakh tickets that can be bought by the public. All the lottery tickets are in Ten-series. It is drawn every Thursday. It already has been in practice since 237 weeks with the recent week’s result announced just a few days ago. The next batch of result will be announced on upcoming Thursday. These are the list of prize, prize money and number of winners which is covered under government of Kerala.
Prize money
No of winners
1st prize
Rs 80,00,000
2nd prize
Rs 10,00,000
3rd prize
Rs 1, 00,000
Upto 9,000
4th prize
Rs 5,000
Upto 10,800
5th prize
Upto 23,400
6th prize
Rs 1,000
Upto 30,600
7th prize
Rs 500
Upto 37,800
8th prize
Rs 100
Upto 76,500

Karunya Plus Lottery Results Date

Karunya Plus Lottery is one of the weekly lottery under the Kerala State Lotteries and is announced every Thursday. The result is announced at 3 pm at the Shree Chithira Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. They use a lottery machine to announce the winner of the lottery.
The results can be further seen on the gazette and also the online website where the results are published in PDF format by 4 pm.

How to claim the Karunya Plus lottery prize money

The prize money claiming depends on the amount of lottery won. We will categorize and also guide on what the required documents will be for the submission to claim the lottery money by the winner down below.
a)      For winner of lottery amount till Rs 1 lakhs you can reach the District Lottery Office according to your area and claim the money after submitting the documents like sign on the lottery ticket, address, ID proof and other details. The District Lottery Office will then proceed to give you the lottery money.
b)      For winner of lottery amount of more than Rs 1 lakhs, the winner should surrender the ticket to the Director of the State Lotteries so as to assure that he is the winner. This needs to be done within 30 days of the announcement of the results. Also the winner should submit details like sign on both side of the lottery ticket, ID proof, Address proof, address submission. The Director of State Lotteries will verify the lottery and then will give lottery prize money to the winner of the lottery.

Documents to submit to receive the lottery amount
·         2 Passport-size photos of the lottery winner and it should be attested.
·         Attestation on both the side of the tickets.
·         A filled receipt form where you should mention the address. The receipt form needs to have a 1-rupee stamp on it too.
·         An ID proof like PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport or others.
·         If a minor wins the lottery, a guardianship certificate needs to be submitted.
·         If joint winners are there, then you need to have a joint declaration in a stamp paper of Rs 50.

More information regarding Pournami Lottery

As is the case with lottery amount, there are taxation liability with it. The winning amount till Rs 10,000 will be taxed at normal income tax slab rate while any lottery amount above Rs 10,000 will be treated to 30% slab. Also to sanction the prize money you have to reach the Deputy Director for amount from Rs 1 lakhs to 20 lakhs. For amount greater than 20 lakhs, you need to request the Director.
Every day one kerala lottery results will be annouced. The weekly announcemnts of Pournami Lottery resultWin Win Lottery result,  Sthree Sakthi Lottery resultAkshaya Lottery resultKarunya Plus lottery result,  Nirmal Lottery result and  Karunya lottery result will be down one every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday respectiviliy. 

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