Live: Kerala State Karunya KR 374 Lottery Results Today 8-12-2018 Kerala Lotter Result

Kerala Lottery Results  

Karunya KR 374 Lottery Results

Karunya KR 374 Lottery Results 8/12/2018 (Saturday)

Karunya KR 374 Lottery Results Today 8-12-2018

Karunya lottery also known by as the KR lottery is part of the seven weekly lottery schemes running under the lottery program of Kerala State Government. When private lottery was banned in India, Kerala started its own lottery program in 1967 in a regularized way. That way it created employment opportunity for people of Kerala and also helped the government to cover revenue.

Karunya KR 374 Lottery Results Announcement

Karunya lottery is also one of the oldest one of the seven weekly lotteries as it has already seen over 369 weeks till date and the next one, i.e. week 370 will be announced this Saturday. The result will be announced at 3 pm at an auditorium by the use of the lottery machine.

Karunya KR 374 Lottery Cost

It’s ticket costs Rs 40 for each ticket and 1000 for each lottery book. The lottery yields a first prize of Rs 80 lacks INR, the highest along with Karunya Plus lottery of the all seven weekly lotteries around. Also, there are other prizes for other places too as follows.

Karunya KR 374 Lottery Prize

Prize money
No of winners
1st prize
Rs 80,00,000
2nd prize
Rs 10,00,000
3rd prize
Rs 1, 00,000
4th prize
Rs 5,000
Up to 9,720
5th prize
Up to 12,960
6th prize
Rs 1,000
Up to 34, 560
7th prize
Rs 500
Up to 41,040
8th prize
Rs 100
Up to 88560

Karunya KR 374 Lottery Result Information

The results can be seen either live at 3 pm from the result announcement or either seen from the gazette or downloaded from the website of Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries. The winner can then proceed to collect the prize from the authority by submitting their tickets within 30 days of the result announcement. That way they can collect the prize and receive the amount from the lottery after deduction of taxable liabilities.

8-12-2018 (Saturday) Karunya KR 374 Lottery Results

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