Live Nirmal Lottery NR95 Lottery Result : Today 16.11.2018 Kerala Lottery Nirmal Lottery NR95 Live Update

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Nirmal Lottery NR95 Lottery Result

Nirmal Lottery NR95 Lottery Result 16/11/2018

With Kerala running seven weekly lottery under their distinguished Kerala State Lotteries, Nirmal lottery is one of the esteemed ones. It is also one of the fairly new ones around as others have seen plenty of weeks under them while Nirmal Lottery just completed its 94th week.

Nirmal Lottery NR95 Lottery Result Announcement

Nirmal Lottery is that weekly lottery whose result is announced every Friday and is followed by many across the state of Kerala. It is announced at 3 pm on a selected auditorium every Friday. The winners are selected by the help of lottery machine so as to achieve a true and fair option of results.

Nirmal Lottery NR95 Lottery Cost & Prize Details

Nirmal Lottery NR95 Lottery Cost

The tickets for Nirmal Lottery costs only Rs 30 for each ticket and Rs 750 for a book just like the way it was for Akshaya lottery. It’s 95th week result is set to be announced this Friday. It has a first prize of Rs 60 lacks against same like that of Akshaya lottery. There are also prizes for other positions too which we will present in a table below.

Nirmal Lottery NR95 Lottery Prize Structure

We will list the detailed prize structure of Nirmal Lottery down below. 

Prize money
No of winners
1st prize
Rs 60,00,000
2nd prize
Rs 10,00,000
3rd prize
Rs 1, 00,000
4th prize
Rs 5,000
Up to 9,720
5th prize
Up to 10,800
6th prize
Rs 1,000
Up to 34,560
7th prize
Rs 500
Up to 49,680
8th prize
Rs 100
Up to 92,880
Rs 8,000

Nirmal Lottery NR95 Lottery Results Today

16-11-2018 (friday) Nirmal Lottery NR95 results

The results gets announced live at 3 pm and is also updated online and posted in pdf format within hours of the result. So any person can check if they have won or not from it. They then can reach out to the office of lottery or the Directorate of Kerala State lotteries to claim for the prize by surrendering and submitting the ticket and giving id proof and documents so that it can be verified and the prize be given to them. 

16-11-2018 (Friday) Nirmal Lottery NR95 Lottery Results

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