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Kerala Lottery November 07.11.2018

Akshaya Lottery results AK 368
Today Akshaya AK 369 Lottery Result

Welcome to keralalotteryresultss, today kerala lottery result name Akshaya AK 368 weekly lottery result will draw today 07.11.2018 by kerala lottery department at shree chithra home auditorium using lottery machine. The live result of today akshaya AK 368 starting at 2:55 PM and official results start coming at 4:00 PM.

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07-11-2018 (Wednesday) Akshaya Kerala Lottery AK 368 results

Akshaya AK 368 Lottery Result

As you know the Akshaya AK 368 lottery tickets price is 30/- INR only and the 1st prize winning amount is 60 Lakhs. You will get the detail prize structure of Akshaya lottery here. The 1st live akshaya AK 368 dated 07.11.2018 results will come at 2:55PM and officially lottery results start from 4:00 PM to 4:15 PM. The winner ticket holders are advised to verify your winning tickets number with kerala lottery results published in the kerala government Gazette and submit the tickts within 30 days. About the tax, winner will have to give 30% plus 10% total 40% of tax and they get 60 % of prize money. For example, the 1st prize winning amount of Akshaya AK 368 is 60, 00000 INR, you will get 36,00000 in your bank account.

In this article of Akshaya Ak 368 lottery result, we will discus about the winner tickets number, prize structures of akshaya lottery, tax deduction, official PDF results, yesterdaylottery results and today akshaya AK 368 guessing number. 
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07.11.2018 official today PDF of  

Akshaya AK 386 Lottery Results

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Akshaya AK 368 Today Kerala lottery Guessing Numbers
Are you looking for today kerala lottery results guessing number and predictions. Here i am share the akshaya AK 368 winning guessing for you.
5213  5231  5123  5132
5321  5312  2513  2531
2153  2135  2351  2315
1523  1532  1253  1235
1352  1325  3521  3512
3251  3215  3152  3125

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